Having A Serious Life

There are many people who are an open book when it comes to how they live their life, but there are always those who want to project a certain look. They are often less than candid about how they spend their private time, and they are not interested in creating the impression they are always up for a good time. These are the people who are determined to live a serious life, and they do their best to ensure they never stray from it. They want others to see them as a committed person who does not indulge in the emotional entanglements others seem to find every day. Their life is about appearing above the more base human emotions, but they also have their own private needs that are kept out of the light of day.

Finding a partner

It might not be necessary for a serious person to life their life completely alone, and many of them have found a spouse to accompany them through life. They might be married, or their relationship could be one comprised only of social meetings for appearances. Society has come to accept that not everyone believes marriage is the best course, so finding a partner who knows and understands the social needs of this person is all they might require.

Going home alone

A person who has chosen a lifestyle that includes being solemn at almost every occasion will seldom go home with someone they just met, and going home alone is often a regular occurrence for them. They might have someone they share their nights with, but discretion is an important factor. They do not want others to know they have physical needs, so they choose to keep them hidden. It has little to do with the current mores of society, and it has a lot more to do with how the person sees indulging their physical needs as a weakness.

A promise of silence

People who have chosen to project a certain type of lifestyle want nothing to contradict what they have built, so a promise of silence about an intimate relationship is very important to them. They might never be seen in public with that person, and they are honest about the lack of a future as a spouse or partner. Their only needs from this person are sexual satisfaction and silence on their relationship. It might work for a while, but a partner in this situation often leaves as soon as they find someone willing to publicly acknowledge them.

It can be difficult to maintain a lifestyle that is at odds with a person’s physical needs, but it has often been done by those desperate to feel respect from their society. They work hard to maintain a stoic look, and their needs are often seen as weaknesses. They do indulge them when necessary, but most of them find ways to keep it completely private from anyone else. Those who are lucky enough to find a partner willing to maintain their silence are often fleeting, and they will soon leave when they realize they will always be expected to remain unnamed.